Inaccessable model

Hi … I’m quite new to Rhino, however I’m quite pleased with myself having created a model of a rope chain. The file got a little complicated to I began deleting all the unnecessary layers and all the ‘stuff’ they contained. I had intended that I would be left with the wire-frame model. However, while I can see the model, it is ‘greyed out’ and I cannot select it!!! What can I do?

All assistance welcome. Even if it is simply user error, I have broad sholders.


just guesses as i don’t completely understand the description but it’s possible you’ve locked the layers and/or objects.

try running the command Unlock

or see if the layer is locked in the layers panel (the little lock icon will appear as if the lock is engaged)


Sounds like you might have accidentally locked the object or the layer it’s on.

For the layer, punch the little lock icon in in the layer panel. If that doesn’t do it, try the Unlock command to unlock the object.


Thanks you guys, that did the trick. Oddly the lock icon didn’t show it as locked ;-(

the layer wasn’t locked… the object(s) was.

if you lock the layer, the objects will remain their normal color… if you lock via the Lock command (or icon or menu item), the object will grey out as described in your first post.

so yeah, all seems normal as far as i can gather from the descriptions… it just takes a little bit of time to learn the differences.

Actually, you have the option to have locked layers also grey out if you wish. This is settable in display options for each display mode. Shown below is the Windows Rhino setting, Mac also has it under Preferences>Display Modes>(mode)>Objects… --Mitch

That is really helpful, thanks

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This was it for me. Thank you! I guess i accidently locked everything.