In T-Spline, does anyone know the hotkey of duplicate object while moving( like Alt in Rhino)?

Hi! Everyone,in Rhino i can hold Alt to duplicate object while moving, but it doesn’t work in T-spline. Is there any hotkey serve as Alt in Rhino in T-spline? Please Help! Thanks!!

@cmao if there is a hotkey I would love to know as well. AFAIK there is not.

To duplicate a t-spline object once I copy and paste with keyboard commands.

To create more than one duplicate, that I do not want stacked on top of each other, I change to the Rhino gumball and use the alt drag method. I have aliases set up to toggle my Rhino and t-splines gumballs for this.


@sochin Thank you very much! That’s smart! Very helpful :slight_smile:

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