In pursuit of fastest graphical point selection method

I am experimenting with shell structures using Kangaroo.

I use weaverbird only for thickening.

In order to graphically select naked end points of the circular mesh, I use cylinders as breps and then choose the points in brep to feed them into anchor points.

I currently know of following two methods in order to select points graphically

  1. Making multiple breps then using ‘points in brep’ component to select the points that lie inside the brep. Then later on, hiding these breps by turning off their preview

  2. Manually finding out the index of points using point list component, then feeding the numbers one by one in a panel. This is kind of slow I suppose.

Any other way to select some of the end points located on the boundary of the circle?

What do you guys use?

SHELL_3, (16.6 KB)

There are probably many other ways…

SHELL_3, (13.5 KB)

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Thanks a lot. That works really good. :+1::+1:

Here you removed my mesh machine component. Why did you replace that and how do you decide when to remove mesh machine and use simple remesh instead ?

Because I don’t have your meshmachine installed.

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Okay. I see…