In multi object selections—Can Commands be run to treat objects independently, rather than acting on the 'collective group'

Not sure of the best phrasing here… But I’m wondering it there is a way in which I can have a command treat objects individually, rather than as a collective group.

For Example, Rotating all the object in a vertical array, so that they rotate around their independent mid points ‘individually’,… and not around their common selected ‘group based’ mid point.

Also, I’m not expecting to preform complex commands in this way. It would basically be commands such as rotation, and some sizing options… scaling, skewing, and similar…

Hello - I’m not certain at the moment if BoxEdit made it to V5 for mac, but that’s the closest thing, I’d say.


Thank You, Pascal

Typing in the BoxEdit command does seem to work… it pulled up the tallest option box I’ve seen so far… and somehow seeing all those setting makes me very happy.

I’ll play around with that, and read up on things.

Thank You, Very Much,