In layers , cursor flutters

Is this typical for the mouse cursor to flutter as it moves in the material area of layers? Has an image of a document and it is what is fluttering. Thank you, Mark

No, that isn’t normal.

Please go into Options > View > OpenGL and take a screenshot of the settings on that page. Attach the image to a reply.

Thank you John for responding. also do you see anything that is not right?

The Quadro card is a good one and your drivers are new enough, but there are two settings to change in the Nvidia Control panel that are unique to Quadros so they work better for Rhino.

They are described near the bottom of the Support page in the Additional Quadro Performance Improvements section:

Make those changes and see if that sorts the issue.

Put it in sleep mode and when upon returning, all was well. I did set the settings as you suggested anyway. Thank you

Hibernating or Sleeping Windows with Rhino running is generally not a good idea as you are generating data. It’s fine for email and Web browsing since there is no new data being generated on your computer.

I would recommend closing Rhino, giving Windows a minute or so to save the files, before closing the lid.