In depth Kangaroo lessons: theory of how it works, not just examples

I have seen plenty of Kangaroo tutorials posted, both for free and paid, but so far I haven’t seen anything that gets into the theory of how to use it rather than just walking through examples of definitions.

Is there a manual somewhere that explains all the components in detail and explains how and why to set them up in particular ways? Are there tutorials that cover this in depth?

I was about to sign up for what looks like a truly comprehensive and detailed three day course on Kangaroo with McNeel Europe, but it begins at 4am in my time zone, and recordings won’t be available for private streaming afterwards. Does McNeel ever do courses like this in the US?

It’s such a clearly powerful and useful tool, I don’t understand why the company that produces it isn’t making it easier to learn it.


My sentiments exactly!

Let me know if you manage to find a good source of information please.

well I woke up at 330 AM three days in a row to do a McNeel Europe sponsored Kangaroo training that was on Zoom, on Barcelona time, and I’d recommend it. Check and see when they’re doing it again.