In command help topics not displayed

If I am in a command and hit F1, while the URL displays the command I’m in (for instance ), the page I’m presented with is just the generic “What do you want to do?” starting page, which looks like . Also, some help is missing, for instance if I hit F1 while in Options I get two windows (one right after the other) telling me the help file does not exist.

On another note, is PaperCuts the place for this kind of bug reporting, or is it more about things that are working as intended, but I’m not so happy with the intended behavior?


Thanks for these Sam… filed as

Good question, I’d say tag anything you find annoying as a Paper Cut please.

This is the place to discuss “Paper Cuts”, those Rhino issues that are painful but not life threatening.

I wouldn’t consider this a ‘papercut’. This is a bug in V6 that didn’t exist in V5 because we don’t have the help links all set up yet.

I do appreciate it getting reported, no matter what category it gets stuck in :smile: