Improving speed of animation

I have 24 objects animated with 21 keyframes each. All they do is change in scale at every keyframe. However, when I play the animation in the timeline, the animation is so slow that it skips over multiple keyframes.
Is there a way to make this faster or is the solution to reduce the number of animated objects?

Did you see this @marika_almgren?

I’ve got the same issue when playing the animation in the timeline by using the play button.
But, if I press and hold down the small arrow near the counter, the animation goes through each keyframe.

Previous suggestion takes the time to go through each keyframe, step by step.
Now, if you want to get an idea of your animation in real time (before creating the video), you may indeed reduce the number of animated objects by unticking temporarily “Animation enabled” in the objects properties.

But if I single click press the small button for jumping to the next key, my system is hanging for a while too. Moving the slider works better.

I think Bongo has a speed problem for medium and heavy animation. I hope the v6 refinements will solve this issues too. If not, please look at it.