Improvements on the script component

Hello David,

Is there a possibility to enable some advanced features in script components, such as passing input per reference and allowing unsafe keyword usage in C# script components? For the last its just activating an flag when compiling.
I do understand the idea of securing casual scripters from breaking things, but
for those rare cases where people want/need to use it, it would prevent them in creating a custom component just for some minor tasks.

For instance there could be a toggle inside the script component to switch the data passing policy.
Right now I’m retrieving heavy data by going upstream, which is a bit weird.

Another useful think would be to allow own “using”-definitions, to prevent qualifying namespaces( if possible).

Maybe someone else has more ideas, but I for myself see this as most critical right know.

I’m not participating in the beta testing’s, so maybe there is something already in there?
Bytheway, does Rhino 6 uses a newer framework?

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… and ESC key to close the search dialog. The non-functional ESC key drives me dots. Or nuts.

// Rolf

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-Right click option to make specific inputs optional

-Right click option to make specific output previews hidden (like how the grid components have points preview hidden)

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