Improvements in Rhino 6: "Tools Deformers"

The instruments of deformation could be improved in Rhino 6? especially in the manipulation factor, which should be more precise and, perhaps, more interactive.
I propose a video of a well-known software 3D “FormZ.”.
The tool “bend”, for example, in Rhino do not really like how it is structured, on the contrary, in formZ seems more precise manipulation of the form (see the marks appearing corners? Useful!).
What do you think? I really like the system that adopts FormZ, I think more accurate and practical than the one proposed in Rhino.


Hi davide,

Thanks for you suggestion. I see two main UI elements that you’re asking for here. One is the use of manipulator widgets for UDT commands and the other is a modal dialog versus the standard command line options Rhino uses. I’ll add your thoughts to the wish list pile, thanks again!

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Thanks Brian. I would love that all deformers UDT are revised for a more accurate modeling; implement handles and rulers to the angles of rotations it seems useful.
I hope in Rhino 6.

Truly amazing, thanks!

What is known of the request to redefine the deformation tools in Rhino 6?
The system used by “formZ”, for example, is very intuitive and practical: what Rhino is a little uncomfortable and precise, in my opinion.
I hope for an improvement of controls twist, bend, etc.

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Along with Davide suggestions Improvements to Rhino’s UDT

  • Pin Edge, hold chosen edge while deforming the rest of the model.

  • Currently UDT has a line deformer this needs to be a curve deformer.

Hi Dave - what does this mean? Are you referring to falloff?


Hi Pascal,
Fall off would be needed in the curve defromer. The routine would be picking surfaces or mesh that you want to tweek, pick the curve, move control points on the curve.
Pin edges wouldn’t need falloff. Another variant to Pin edges would be Pin Surfaces.

The ability to pin edge would help when modifying footwear tooling.

Bulge deformation is useful, but Rhino does not have anything resembling bulge deformation.

I believe that in order to make a bulge you can use the cage. I do not understand why Rhino has not a bulge tool.
Should improve and enhance the UDT instruments (they have remained more or less the same as those of Rhino 4). Add a few more options is not enough.
Those in FormZ are really well done!

You are correct. I had the same idea and I tested it a moment ago. I works well - the bulged object is not much more complex than the original object.