Improvement suggestions for VA documentation

Hello everyone, I would like to ask for developers to please give more atention for documentation.

  • Simplify the chosing of layer, print color for the component, For first use of VA you can choose to configure the components data, load a saved one, or simply use the standart one.
  • Make an option to automatically put lenght lines whenever building anything, just as revit or archicad…
  • Simplify scale drawing, by puting options like 1:100, 1:50 and hability to edit it (i know you can do this in rhino, but it would be awesome to automate this in VA).
  • Dispose some architecture hatches type on food4rhino to download.
  • Possibility to assume templates whenever you are baking a planview,(with project information, logo, date, adress etc…), so you will already have the full paper sheet information for plotting.
  • hability to number and identify any group of things you want. (this is good for parking lots and stuff).

Thanks everyone, hope that this can help for further development of the plug in.



Also, simplify to extract interior views.


Thanks for your suggestions, I am going to answer in the same order:

  • I am not sure I understand the first point. Could be useful to create a custom template?

  • Do you mean automatic dimensioning? So if you select a wall you see the dimension?

  • We have requested McNeel to add the scale options like 1:100 1:50 on the detail properties panel. It could be useful that you request this feature to them.

  • We plan to add architectural hatches in VisualARQ templates.

  • We will improve the creation of layouts, so it would be easier to create details of plans as well as blocks with the project information. But as I say this will be available in layouts, not Plan Views and Section Views.

  • Could you explain in more detail the last point?

Kind regards

first point: Whenever the user is starting a project he has the option of edit VA objects properties, such as layers, line color/weight, type etc… So whenever I am building a wall for example, it will apear in the 2d represantation, layer: wall, color: yellow, line: dashed.

2 -> yeah, thats it, simplify or automate the generation of dimensions and a pannel to give some ajusts would be crazy good aswel.

last one -> simplify to choose how much area(m²) and even volume (m³) of some material, hability to quantify the number of doors, windows even brick… Start to build a strong documentation same other bims can do. I know that VA has its options and ways to do it, but isn’t just too practical sometimes.

Appreciate you guys hearing the common user feedback, i hope i can always help.

Hability to generate 2d drawings from the inside the building, it could be represented by a triangule that points to the aimed wall. So you click in this triangule and get the camera facing the wall you want to generate the 2d



Thanks for the explanations.

About the first point, I would create the styles as you want and save a template. That way you can start each time from this template which has this settings.
Specifically about the layers you can specify the layer for each type of object from _Options > VisualARQ > Layers:

About the last one, first we would need to create a material manager to be able to get the material volumes, area, etc. Currently you can use data tables for most of this things like the amount of doors, windows, wall area, etc.

Also we will think about the interior elevations.

Kind regards

thanks mate, appreciate! And thanks for the tip about layers :smiley: