Improvement of bottom meshing. Wish oder already possible?

Hi all!
I made a mesh from a collection of height points and the output is super…

the only thing that bothers me is the bottom of the resulting mesh.
I guess it would be fairly simple to project the grid-like structrure from the top side of the mesh and make a similar structure on the bottom side.
This weird oversimplified triangulation really kills me…

Is a better coherence between top and bottom already possible or just a wish?

Thanks for your suggestion. Yes, I agree it doesn’t look nice. This triangulation was added to ensure the terrain is solid, so that you can set section attributes when using clipping planes.
Projecting the top gridded surface will result on much more vertices and faces, but we can try.

Anyway, if it bothers you can hide the base of the terrain by unchecking the last option on the Terrain properties: