Improved UV Unwrapping?


So right now Shapediver/Grasshopper uses Human for it’s UV unwrapping. This is OK for simple methods, like cubic or cylindrical unwrapping.

It would be a HUGE benefit for me to be able to define edges as UV seams and unwrap using a more traditional CG method. Here’s an example of what it can do;

This would enable Shapediver users to make much more complicated models. As the platform moves further into the WebGL space we will need this functionality to properly assign image textures. For example, rather than just flat materials on the sample car, you could actually demonstrate graphic wraps, logos, etc.

ShapeDiver output meshes support UV coordinates, regardless of the way they are created. We do recommend Human for quick wrapping of common primitive shapes, and the ShapeDiver plugin also offers some ways to transform coordinates. However, any plugin or script that can manipulate texture coordinates is compatible with ShapeDiver and could be used depending on your needs.

I am not aware of plugins that could do what you need, and I am not that familiar enough with texture wrapping methods to recommend a good way forward here, but as far as I can see your requirement is not really ShapeDiver-specific but rather a need for better texture wrapping tools in Grasshopper, is that correct?

Yea pretty much. This would allow for dynamic UV generation, which would be extremely powerful in being able to use Grasshopper/Shapediver for real-time assets.

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