Improved Move/Copy!

Object appearance while move or copy:
The current move and copy appearance while moving or copying that, I am describing as problem sometimes.
Problem is; While moving objects, the target view blocked with the yellow selected color and it is snapping wrong place and I have to go in wire-frame mode to find correct place or alternative methods to select in different place and it is one job at 3-4 time not really efficient!

The solution I believe; Selected object remain Yellow Light color, the moving object go in wire-frame and transparent like or light gray color appearance while moving or copying, until it snaps on right target. Also while moving or copying, the object should be in wire-frame or ghost shaped line thickness at most thin as possible to see thru. The original place the original object should be in remain Yellow instead of moving or copying part… It is mean wise verse.
Since I have seen in version 6.0 something came out in Advanced settings, but not exactly served on this purpose.
Kind Regards
Serkan Ozkan

Search the forum for JustMove I think this might help. It is a Python script that lets you move without dragging the selected items along so you can see the TO point for selection.

Hi Serkan - this is not quite as comprehensive, to say the least, as what you are asking but it may be of some use

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"


Thanks again.

I had return back to the normal move option because vertical move is not yet properly works with script.

If I remember correctly, years ago Rhino 5 worked the opposite way (exactly as you wish) - original object is shaded while the moved/rotated/mirrored version is shown in a wireframe preview, allowing you to clearly see and snap to other objects.

@s.oezkan - see if this one handles it all a bit better- (2.2 KB)