Improve Rhino performance?

Hey guys,

I just planarized (planarsrf) a terrain made out of a couple thousand curves, and while it took like an hour for the operation, my CPU usage (i7 3770K) was like 16%.
Is there any way to make Rhino use more of my processing power?
In rendering with Neon it does go up to like around 60%, but in basic operations it is still low.

Thank you very much and have a good day!

Render mesh command may help you if you want a light structure under the render engine.

command line : ExtractRenderMesh

Certain types of operations in Rhino lend themselves to multicore processing and others don’t. The operations that do are the ones where you can divide up the work into smaller sections, parcel it out to different processors who process in parallel and then reassemble the results. Typical amongst these are mesh creation and rendering.

The types operations that do not work well if at all with multicore processing are those with more of a serial nature. There is no clear way to split the operation up into smaller pieces because it has to be calculated sequentially, such as the case where the input of the next calculation is based on the results of the previous one. Typical amongst these are a lot of the surface/polysurface creation/modification commands, Boolean operations etc.

As far as making a planar surface from thousands of curves with PlanarSrf, that is a known “limitation”. Anything more than about 1000 slows down dramatically. What has been suggested in the past to go faster is to first create a planar surface larger than all the curves and then use Split to split the surface with the curves. SelLast to select all the resulting split surfaces, then unselect the main surface you want to keep and delete all the rest.


I understand. Thank you for your help.