Imprint between surfeaces (command)

Does anyone know a Rhino command that is similar to the imprint command in Autocad? That’s because I’d like to export a ACIS or DXF file from Rhino6 that contains the imprint of the intersection between the surfaces so that I’ll get the congruence of the edge when I create a mesh.
Thank you!

Hello- can you describe what it is exactly that you need, or provide an example file?


I need to create a file to be imported into a computational program (strad7). When I open an acis or dxf file generated with Rhino, I see that some intersections are not represented. I know that in AutoCad there is a command called “imprint” that generates one sign on the surface. The surface remains intact but “record” the presence of intersection.Thanks to this command when i open dxf file (generate whit autocad using imprint) When i create a Mesh in strad7 i know that it is congrunet whit all surfaces.
i Think that there is an similar comand for Rhino but i don’t have found it yet.

Hello - use NonManifoldMerge for this. Is that what you need?