Impossible to update License: need to press "Retry" for it to work

Since last two updates of Rhino 8 WIP (italian) as I start Rhino an alert opens and tells me “Impossible to update license for Rhino 7” (among other info).

I need to press the alert and then the “retry” button in the alert popping up, to fix the license missing error.
Please see images below…


Any fix ?

Ok solved: after the “Retry” operation being successful it stopped popping up.

No. Sorry. Not solved.
The problem is back identical: the day after the alert “Impossible to update License” was back again as soon I start Rhino 8 WIP. Double click the alert and then click “Retry” on the next alert to validate the license.

Not a big problem but very annoying.

PS: version of Rhino 8 WIP is 8.0.23080.12305, 2023-03-21

Hi Gianpietro -
Just to make sure, does this go away when you run Rhino in English?

Hi @wim

yes it does go away. At least when I started Rhino 8 right after changing the language to english…

:: Gian