Impossible to divide a curb that interesect with an object

Thanks so much if you can help me! :grinning:
I am trying to intersect Courbs with a plane, in order to be shure that they can be cutted exactly where the plan intersect with the courbs.
I do: creating a plan where i need to cut; command “intersect with objects”: as i have 4 Courbs that intersect with the plane, i have then 4 points, that shows that the intersection is here; then i do split: i select the 4 courbs, and i choose to cut with the 4 points that show the intersection; and, at this moment, i don’t know why, Rhino indicates that “la division a Ă©chouĂ©, les objets ne se trouvent peut-ĂȘtre pas dans les limites de la tolĂ©rance l’un par rapport Ă  l’autre”, in french, i think in eglish it means that “division is impossible, the objects maybe are out of the tolerance each from eachother”. I join you the file. Really, i don’t know what to do? :thinking:
Thanks so much to help me! :grinning:DĂ©coupeObjetForumRhino.3dm (3.5 MB)

rhino is working just fine. if you try to split a periodic ( closed) curve in only one point. it will have Start and end in the same place. if you want to split in half, you need 2 points on each curve.
something like this

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Hi Diego! thanks so much! Yes, it works, if i choose for each closed curve, 2 points! Thanks so much! You resolved my problem! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: