Impossible Rhino View to GH component group view trick?

So im working on a large ‘house model’ which brings back memories of Hypercard…

To edit the script of whatever control (pictures or geometric objects included) I have in a Hypercard card, i just right click and edit script or cmd-opt-click back in the days. This was ultra efficient. Just like GH, you fix the script and the view is automatically updated.

So when I create a large GH Model like…

and would like to go to the part of the GH script/definition it might take a lot of scrolling of component groups or using a cluster of jump components (or making a smart search scheme).

But wouldn’t it be nice to do so by just clicking on an object in the Rhino view?

Is this possible?

In simple terms, actions, I control click (or whatever) on my wall panel or furniture piece in the picture and it sends me to the top left of the GH group that defines it…

OK, baking or not is an issue, re-baking would be needed post editing… I understand there’s lots of potential issues and Im sure RhinoCAM can’t be linked to these changes alas… (maybe their SDK allows it?)

Dreaming of a perfect IDE I guess…

Select and object and do something is possible
This is a quick test when select an object the named view changed, this need to create named views and separate objects to lists then assign every list to a named view index.
But it’s better if the objects are grouped or separated by layers.
It is a first step and if there is a way to find the component assigned to the rhino object this is better and faster.

For this example you need RhinoToGrasshopper plugin:

namedview from (10.5 KB)

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wow, i see the logic in it - checked the scripts but im still not rhino-scriptable… didn’t see how it feeds back the object… But if this is doable, we could make GH even more interesting with event queues per objects… drag and drop comes to mind…