Impossible fillets

what are some of the techniques used to make fillets when regular fillet today does not work on a 3d model edge? i have a file but fillet does not seem to have any reasonable effect

Use the Solid pipe command. Use that to boolean trim the surfaces to allow the use for surface blends or sweep2. You might need to extend the pipe surface to get it to trim away all the surfaces. I use this method all the time.

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What stratosfear said or use the surface fillet tool and do all manually,…

Hi Mitviz - if by ‘regular fillet’ you mean FilletEdge, then yes, FilletSrf can come to the rescue in many cases - a few are illustrated here -

Also, if you have particular cases that are mystifying, post the objects here with a clear explanation of the fillets needed - there are usually a few here who like the challenge and it can be interesting to see the different approaches.


Thanks Pascal!