Impossible Dimension

a collegue have find a bug with the dim command and the continiu option.
After minutes the Dim commande didn’t run !!!

But if imy collegue close rhino and restart him the Dim command run properly for afew minutes and desabled again!!!

have you find a similar problem?

the collegue run rhino 6SR15 on Windows 10

Best regards

Hello - I know of at least one other report of Dim failing after a while. Can you post a simple file, if you have one, where this occurs? Or steps to reproduce, if that is known? I’d be surprised if it were file specific, but one never knows.


Thanks for your responce.

The bogu appears no matter the file :frowning: and to incres the difficulty, the problem is on one machine at office.

we try to print a litl video to better explain the bogu