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I just checked where in the GUI layout importing was located as I am used to typing the command.'
It stuck me as odd that the first thing to look for an import function would be
File > Import … not there
2nd Drafting Tab Toolbar … not there
Options toolbar … not there

I resorted to the help file and it’s under View > Layout > Import

To Import views from another file, I was under the impression it was named ImportViews, however that is namedReadViewportsFromFile technically one could also name layout importing ReadLayoutsFromFile however importing IMO is more clear.

My suggestion for this would be:
1: Add commandImportViews ( in addition to the ReadViewportsFromFile)
2: Add both commands to the File menu as items Import Layouts and Import Views, replacing Import... with Import File


Hi Willem - thanks, just to follow up (in general agreement)- I’d think maybe the ‘File > Import’ part is the key to finding this, whatever the commands are called,

File menu > Import >
Layouts from 3dm file...,
Viewports from 3dm file... ,
CPlanes from 3dm file...

etc. as needed.


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