Importing Tuples?

Basic Hops question here, but is there a way to import tuples into Hops?

Goal: import a list of points as a list of tuples and deconstruct points instead of HopsPoint which imports a rhino3dm point.

Tuple importing could be a great way of getting around Trees and more.


I’m not sure I get the question…

You want to import the points as a list of strings and convert the strings in a tuple format, but I feel like it’s not what you’re looking for.

There is no need to go around Trees as long as they are for inputs.
They get in hops as a dictionary where the keys are the paths of your tree.
But you’ll need this hs.HopsParamAccess

Thanks Antoine. Yes string import could be a solution for importing tuples but it seems just like a work around. Was hoping for something more direct.

I’m still becoming more comfortable with Hops Tree inputs and outputs. Ive seen some issues with accessing List and Trees in the same Hops Function. Reminiscent of Implicit Grasshopper Cycles for GHPython when when Accessing lists with Item access.