Importing toolbars

I am trying to import a toolbar into my default toolbar group, and it does not seem to function. See video…

Is this because I’m trying to import a rhino 5 toolbar?

Hi Peter - I’d think that should work - checking now.
@phcreates - it looks like it comes in but as ‘Imported from default 000’


I see that with other toolbars, thanks. But my ‘quick’ toolbar doesn’t seem to import in any case - even in Rhino 5 when I create a new group & try to import it (other toolbars can be imported from same group, so something must be wrong with Quick). I’m just going to re-create it in v6, since I’ll want to do that anyway.

Hi Peter - that is weird - could you please send me the RUI file that has that toolbar? I’d like to reproduce that bug.



I’ll email it to you.

RH-42791 is fixed in the latest BETA