Importing the MRI volume to RHINO


How can i import the whole MRI volume (Nifti files) to rhino tool. later I want to contour each layer to create a mesh of the organ which later can be used to create a mould. Please provide help on this.

Thank you and have a good day…


a few years ago i used Fiji to create an obj. out of a image sequence, which i then imported to rhino.
I never worked with Nifti-files, but i seems you can convert them to jpg. so you can import them in Fiji.
You can download Fiji for free here i think: Fiji - ImageJ

There is probably a better way, but that is what i know. Hope that helps.

3DSlicer may work as well.

Thank you Markus.

Currently I am using the jpegs to import in rhino and doing contouring for each jpeg to create a mesh, which is a very long procedure. At this point, I am thinking to reduce the number of steps in the pipeline and hence to direct import the nifti files.

Thank you for the advise. It is really helpful.

thank you. I have a working pipeline to deal with jpeg images in purchased tool rhino. it would be wonderful if I can import the nifti files direct to rhino.

Rhino3DMedical imports NIFTI