Importing only specific layers of dwg?

Hi! I am using geometry import node to upload dwg’s to my script. Then I filter layers to get only the important geometry. Sometimes it takes up to 20 seconds to import the file, just to filter all this out and not using it. Is there a way to import only specific layers to the script, without loading everything?

Depending on the size of your file, most of this time might be spent on downloading it and loading it on the instance in the first place. Having a filter to only import objects from specific layers (or other types of filters) could indeed be interesting but it is unclear how much optimization it would bring. In any case, this is not yet possible; I will file a task for our team to evaluate this feature in the future.

it takes time to load, not to upload. Dwg’s as i said can take even up to a few minutes on my pc, when i upload from the file to the script using file path. Thank you for your response!

Could you post example files to help us reproduce this issue? Which version of Rhino and the ShapeDiver plugin are you using?