Importing ME10 *.mi files?


I have a customer who wants to migrate ME10 (2D-CAD) to Rhino.

They have a lot of *.mi 2D-ME10-files and have asked:

  1. Is there a ME10-Import-PlugIn for Rhino? I’ve searched a bit, but haven’t found something.
  2. Is there someone who could write an ME10-Importer for Rhino? What would that cost?

Any ideas?



Hi Michael - that looks like it comes from Creo - I do not know of any plug-in or workflow for this, I guess at best there would need to be an intermediate translation to Step or similar.


Hi Pascal,

yes, Creo bought ME10 (ME10 was pure 2D-CAD from Hewlett Packard Germany)

Its just 2D lines, circles, splines, dims, I think.



Geez, I remember when I was at Stanford in 1988 they had ME-10… IIRC if you wanted to make a sphere in those days you actually had to put in the equation x2+y2+z2 = r2 or something like that… Put me off of CAD for years… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, German engineering at its best. :wink: I think ME10 was very popular in the German industry 30 years ago.

Our ME10 installation came with dxfdwg.exe, a command line tool for converting MI to DXF.

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