Importing layouts take forever

Hi guys,
How is your experience with importing layouts? I am trying to import several layouts from file with 120 layouts and after 40 min of waiting, there is no success, sadly. The beach ball just keeps spinning, driving me nuts…

Hi @petumatr,

Have you tried the Rhino for Mac 7 WIP? If not, can you post the file you are trying to import?

– Dale

Hi @dale,
yes I tried Rhino 7, but it was slow as well. The file is sadly confidential, but I will try to delete the content if the amount of geometry plays any role here. I can then update a clean file if the problem persists.

Hi @petumatr,

Your welcome to private message me the file too I’d that helps.

— Dale

Hi @dale, thanks!
I tried to clean the file (delete everything) and then import the layouts and it worked. So the importing time is sadly affected by the file size…

I’ve had big issues with importing things like .3ds and DWG files. Have you tried just opening the files instead of importing ? It might be worth trying to narrow down the issue