Importing Identically-named Style items

From what I’ve tested, it seems that importing Style elements including those that are identical in type and name (but not in content) does not overwrite the files in the target project. This means one can import all styles and it will only update the ones that are different. Handy, but I thought it’d be wise to verify this.

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Would you like to be asked what do you want to do, whether keep the content of existing styles or overwrite them with the content of those that are being inserted? (when they are objcts of same type with identical name)

I just wanted to receive verification from you in this post about how it was working.
But I think what you are suggesting is a good idea. I believe that’s the way Autocad Architecture (which I learned as Architectural Desktop) does it.

All right, so I confirm that right now styles from imported files take the features of identical styles (in name and type) in the target model.
We will consider adding an option to decide what you want to do in these situations.

FWIW, that is standard Rhino behavior - i.e. when you import a file, any file settings (hatches, line styles, etc.) that have the same name as in the target file, will adopt the settings of the target file. That is by design.

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