Importing from old mastercam

old time mastercam user here. i called tech support to see if there was a good translator for importing mastercam and we couldn’t come up with anything. does anyone know of a good translator for old GE3 files? the mastercam iges translator doesn’t retain layer mapping, and seems to have a problem with lots of layers at one time. i have lots of files to do and some have many layers.


Tom, what version of MC are you running now or can open? I found some VB stuff out there that batch converts GE3, MC7 and MC8 to MC9.

I am using Verizon 6, and ge3 extensions. I do have very 7 if I need to
load that for conversion.
IGES works fairly well for files that aren’t too big but I loose all the
level mapping and with lots of years worth of files that would be a lot of
manual entry.

I would really appreciate any help.
I am away for a trade show this week so I may have sketchy service.


sending you info in a private message since this is now a non-rhino topic.

Hey Tom
Long time!
I also have many old GE3 files I’d love to convert to Rhino and no longer have access to MC
Anyone know of a way to convert? Most of these files are not in many layers