Importing DXF file with Japanese fonts

Has anyone experienced Importing DXF file exported from solidworks to rhino with Japnese or maybe other texts which became just bunch of numbers and text making no sense?
Any way to solve it in a free way?

Google translate…?

Not sure if Google translate reads DXF…

The way I read the issue Toshiaki is dealing with is that when a third party saves a Solidworks DXF with annotations in Japanese, the font is encoded and when read into Rhino, they are not correctly decoded into readable Japanese.

No, I wasn’t implying it would. I guess I misunderstood, I thought things weren’t getting translated from Japanese into English.


Right, as wim mentioned all the text inside DXF from solidworks is not decoded properly.
Usually JP fonts uses double width fonts and English is in halfwidth, maybe that’s the problem…
Not sure it will show up here but, the double width fonts are like A B C while halfwidth fonts are ABC.
Not sure if it’s solidworks export problem or rhino import tho.
Writing annotations in Japnese inside Rhino is of course not a problem. Then again havn’t tried so not sure what happens if I output dxf from rhino to solidworks…