Importing DXF fails to hatch Polygons



Hello everyone,

Im currently exporting a DXF file form QGIS with some specific colour filling. Problem is once I open the file in Rhino, some hatches are not created because it seems the polygon is not closed. Isnt there a way to set a tolerance before importing the file? So that Rhino considers the polygon closed? Tried to open the file in autocad and it displayed the hatches correctly, but it crashed after…

The DXF is quite heavy, so I cant upload it. Here is a screenshot of what happens:

Any ideas much appreciated.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi ShynnSup - try CloseCrv on the ones that do not work…



Hey Pascal, the problem is the hatch color is already lost if I do that, the hatches are imported, not made in Rhino