Importing and inserting dwg files layer issued

I am currently experiencing some difficulties with importing and inserting DWG files. Whenever I try to import a second model, it ends up getting combined with the first model’s layer. I believe this is due to the fact that both models have the same ID or naming convention.

You can import the first file, drag the imported layers into a new parent layer and then import the second file.

I dragged the initial model layer to Layer 01, and upon importing the second layer, it merged with the first one, resulting in the creation of an identical block.

You did not mention blocks in the first post… nevertheless importing and dragging the content into a parent layer should work fine.

If the both files contain identically named blocks, the block manager will show the definition once for each block.

In case you can’t figure it out, post the *.dwg file please.

Hello Martin,
Apologies for the delayed response. Unfortunately, I am not able to share the files with you as they contain confidential information. However, I was able to solve the issue by merging the files into a single dwg file and importing it into Rhino.