Importing and converting .pln files into .3dm

Due to the fact that Rhino is quite strong in architectural and design topics it would be great if files that one receives (in this case an ArchiCAD (.pln) file) could be imported or converted into a Rhino compatible version or even better direct into a .3dm file. Files edited in ArchiCAD can be converted in Rhino compatible files to export. Unfortunately if you sit on the other end and receive an ArchiCAD (.pln) file you can’t do anything. Does there any useful converter exists? Best regards Oliver

Hi Oliver - this may help-


Dear Pascal

thanks a lot for your e-mail.

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Dear Pascal

one small remark to make. All Graphisoft (ArchiCAD) offers are solutions to
import Rhino into ArchiCAD and to export ArchiCAD to Rhino. I would need in
fact the opposite. Need to import ArchiCAD into Rhino.

With best regards


Hi @Oliver1

I don’t know anything about ArchiCAD, but my initial guess is, that the .pln-format is proprietary, and can’t be opened by anything other that ArchiCAD. If there’a an open SDK available, it would be possible to make a plugin, I guess. Try asking the ArchiCAD-guys what’s possible.