Importing .3mf into Grasshopper?

Has anyone developed a component or plugin for importing .3mf meshes into Grasshopper? Or do you know of a way to do it already? If not, I will go write something, but I wanted to make sure I’m not reinventing the wheel. My searches so far have not turned up anything, but I could be searching poorly!

Thanks so much,

Hi @mary.baker,

Rhino 6 will open or import a .3mf file. Once the mesh has been opened or imported into Rhino, you can then reference it from a Grasshopper Mesh component.

Does this help?

– Dale

Thanks, Dale. That is actually what I’m doing now, but I’m hoping to script the manipulation of a few hundred .3mf files in Grasshopper, either using Grasshopper itself or Python script components, so I’m looking for a way to automate bringing the meshes in. Maybe there is a way from Grasshopper to bring the .3mf into Rhino’s document and then move it to Grasshopper inside the script? I confess I still get a little confused about the different documents: Rhino, Grasshopper, etc… I have a file listing the names of all the .3mf files and wanted to just iterate through those bringing them in, doing stuff to them, and spitting them back out again :slight_smile: