Importing 3dPdf into Rhino

I am trying to import a 3dpdf that my Acrobat reads clearly into rhino. However it is not allowing me. Is there a way for me to do that? I am using rhino 5 the latest version of Adobe Acrobat!

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It’s not an option, there is a 3rd-party importer you can buy.

Uh, anyone who’s come here for the first time looking for help is going to fit that profile, and many people who’ve been using Rhino as long as I have use an alias. Those aren’t the tells.


does that Fdadfar88 look like an alias?

TBH I also wanted to use my alias, but when I created my account I did it with my email containing my name, and username was taken out of it automatically.

thank you. Do you happened to know the name by any chance ?

Hello - there is Simlab but I only see an exporter there-


Hi Ivelin,

Our goal on this forum is to be helpful to people who are using Rhino.

Just because you assume something doesn’t make it correct. Please let us moderate our forum and worry about who is paying, who gets support, etc. If you don’t feel like supporting someone, please stay quiet and allow someone else.

Thanks for being helpful and supportive of our community.


Thanks for the reply. I have simlab, but as you know it already, thats only an exporter.

Hi @fdadfar88

I seem to remember, that you - if you have access to Photoshop - can open the 3D PDF in PS and then export as OBJ. It might depend on the 3D content of the PDF (mesh or NURBS), what security is in place (password etc.), how old the 3D PDF is (if it was made before Adobe sold off the 3D library to the company behind the Tetra 4D converter)… and the feature might have been removed from PS entirely, as it’s been a while since I messed with this problem. You might take a look at Tetra 4D, although I’m not sure if it actually converts from 3D PDF to something else, or if it only goes the other way.

HTH, Jakob

Adding to Jacob’s feedback here: it also depends how the person who created their pdf set their security options. In some cases they are set as view-only and any export from acrobat, or importing the pdf to any other application is disabled. We run into a cad Rilke this a few months ago. They were girls from a component supplier. We ended up contacting them and asking for step files instead.

Thanks Jakob. I believe your step is going to work. The file opens in photoshop, however it is password protected. Which is something I should be able to take care of.


I see what you mean. The file is prepared by the city of Zurich’s planning office. But hopefully they will respond to my email.


I was struggling with this and found an online conversion tool that worked pretty well… heres the website

hope it helps

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