Importing 3D models in obj format

I have problems importing 3D commercial models. The mesh models are easily imported by de content op de texture maps is not automatically applied to the meshes. How can I do this?

Can you post a sample file along with the texture maps? A screenshot of what it should look like would also be good to see. At a guess, the texture mapping for the mesh may need to be set to by surface in object properties>Flamingo nxt>Mapping


I’m trying desperately to save a rendering after applying a posteffect.

To get the image you need to click ‘preview’
I cannot save with the posteffect window open.
When I close the window the effect disappears.
When I click ‘ok’ the effect disappears.

How on earth do I save the image with the posteffect?

thank you!

Edo Smitshuijzen

The effect is turned off and on with the lightbulb icon. The lightbulb icon yellow to activate it. Then the post effect should show.

Thank you. I would have never guessed.