Imported STP file does not display in view ports

I have a somewhat large STP file (97,648 KB) from a client that I need to be able to inspect. When I import it, Rhino indicates that the process completed successfully, but no geometry is visible in the view ports. If I try a SelAll, it says that 1931 block instances, 110 polysurfaces are added to my selection, implying that there is geometry.

I’ve been trying a few different things and reading some loosely related threads on the issue, but nothing enables me to see the model.

Suggestions, anyone?

Note: I’m running Version 5 SR6 64-bit (5.6.31028.18305, 10/28/2013)

Also, I don’t really think I’m allowed to post the file here for review. It’s from a military contractor and I think they’d be a little grumpy if their models ended up here. :smile:



Maybe the model has parts along way away from one another.
Assuming the model has a number of blocks, select by blocks then zoom in on a block.


There isn’t anything to be done without the file.
If you want to send it to tech support, use the tool on the support page for uploading files.

V5 SR6 is very old. We’re on SR12 now. Please download and install the service release update.

Based on your description. I would Zoom Extents in All viewports and move my mouse pointer around the edges of the viewports while watching the coordinate display in the Status bar. If you have a few objects a long way from the rest of them, then you’ll see huge coordinates. Try zooming in close to an edge or corner to see if you can find which are the stray objects and which are the main part of the file.

Zoom Extents did it! Thanks! I knew there had to be a simple solution to finding them.

I will, though, still update.

Thanks again!