Imported Picture doesn't print to pdf

Hi there,
I often add .pngs into my layouts to show extra detail. For some reason suddenly comes out blank when Print>Save as PDF. All annotations and detail windows work. I’ve checked the picture’s properties and the layer it is on. Appreciate some help.

We will need a specific example to figure this out.

Please post an example file and make sure the option to Save textures is selected when you Save it.

  • Which PDF authoring tool are you using?
  • Are you Exporting to PDF or Printing?

I made the assumption this is Rhino for Windows.
You did not categorize your post.

Hi there,

Sorry, I should have said for Mac. I just use Print>Save as pdf and this has worked for me for over 100 different drawings. I hope i’m not just having a brain fart, or something could have changed with an update. I have Adobe reader on my Mac if this has anything to do with it. Attached screenshot of my process. It won’t let me upload the 37mb file on here. Is there somewhere else I can send it? Thanks for your help.

There is a tool on the Support page for uploading a file to support.
Please include this URL in the message:


I have uploaded the zip file now. Thank you

I can repeat this problem in V6 and V7 WIP.
I’m not finding a reason for it yet.
It seems fine in Windows so there’s clearly a problem.

I’ve sent a message to the developer to have a look and have added a defect report.
Since it has a privately sent file, the bug report is not available for public view.

Use the File menu Export and change the format to PDF… this works in the meantime.

Ok great. Looking forward to being notified of the fix.

Yes, you are right. Just tried it now. However had to select Raster output instead of Vector because I lost the hatches in the title block. Raster made the exported pdf not as crisp as normal.

Okay, I figured it out and filed this bug as RH-60790 for future reference. The issue is that you trimmed the Picture surface where your title block is. This isn’t working on Mac. Untrim this hole in the Picture and it will Print. Use another surface with a solid color material behind the title block instead or edit the picture image itself to have a solid swatch in this area. Thanks for the report.

Ok cool. I would often trim imported pictures to make them fit furniture pieces. i.e. a 2D portrait placed into a Rhino model of an elaborate frame. So would be looking forward to the fix. Can work with this in the meantime. Cheers!

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