Imported meshes - Linetype always white

I had somewhere written about it, but how can I change the mesh edge colour?

Even the converted NURBS would look the same…

Somehow you have to change the material for the item separately then it works. Why does this not work with the layer style? thanks H

You can change mesh edges under the display mode settings. So depending on if you’re in render or shaded etc… it can be different. See image below.

Edit: I must have misunderstood what you were looking for. I think when you import it forces material by object and yeah that would need to be changed in the object properties or change material by layer.

Objects (NURBS or meshes) will retain their original color when imported, but its an easy fix.

  • Verify the layer it is on is black (or whatever you need)
  • Select the object
  • Go to Properties
  • Under Display Color, select ‘By Layer’
  • Done.

Also, if the imported geometry is a block, you need to make this change in the block editor

sorry guys, tried everything but to no avail. still all white with imported meshes even exploded everything (no block anymore)
Any ideas where to set the line colour?

Ok sorry, display colour by layer did the trick as mentioned above…