Imported Image Texture not working properly

I have a box as a bookshelf and I want to apply an image on the surface because I’m designing a library. I did it as a texture but for some reason, the image is applying upside down. I’ve tried redoing the planar mapping and it didn’t do anything. How do I flip the image? And is there another way to apply the image on the surface?

Hello - planar mapping should do it - apply as a 3 point rectangle and set the first two snapping to the lower end points of your shelf unit box and the third point on a top end point of the same face.
Any luck?


The image is still upside down. Does it matter if I choose UV or UVU?

Hello - can you please post a file with one shelf-box, and your image?


bookshelf to forum.3dm (3.9 MB)

Hello - you need to set the plane explicitly using thre three points option, and use mapping channel 1 only for now.



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Thank you! It worked.