Import SVG file To grasshopper with data

I want to know if it is possible to import SVG file to grasshopper with objects data , like object name or group names , I need just something guide me in the GH to know each object in the imported
SVG file , any advise for that?

a couple of years ago I had to deal with a bunch of SVG, and I remember it was not a pleasant experience :slight_smile:

despite being possible to open SVGs directly on GH, I recall the best way was to first open them in Rhino, then reference their geometries in GH

this window that pops up at SVG import was one of my best friends:
because it allowed to make a clear distintion between curves and areas with fills (note: I remember gradients were lost while importing in Rhino) that could be easily referenced in GH using Human to get the object names:

[ Dynamic Geometry Pipeline and Object Attributes both come from Human plugin ]

@inno thanks for the feedback , that partially solve the problem , but when I made SVG file with objects name and groups names , when imported to rhino , I cant find the objects or groups names as per SVG file , is there any way to solve this?

if I open an SVG file (in another app) and it shows several things, like this:

but when I open the very same file in Rhino you see many less things, like this:

all the names I don’t see listed as groups are just Object Names

for instance, I see IT-36 in the (other app’s) list of layers:

but I don’t see it in Rhino:

well… it’s the Rhino Object name of that curve :slight_smile:

so you’ll need to dig on both Object Names and Group Names if you want to find exactly the same stuff (also because the same object can be part of several different groups)

here there’s a C# script that tells you the group names:

I tried it here and it works perfectly :slight_smile: (12.8 KB)

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