Import step files without the block info

I import a lot of step files, and each time I end up with having to explode all blocks, then I still can’t delete layers that have block info (even after I’ve moved all of the geometry to a new layer) so I have to go to the block manager, identify which blocks are nested in which ways so that I can delete them in the order that I’m allowed to delete them in, then delete the other blocks. Is there a way to streamline this process? I simply want the geometry, not any block information.

I’m using the V6 1/12 beta.

Have you tried the _ExplodeBlock command? Should explode nested blocks in one go. Then _Purge to purge unused block definitions…

Yes, I explode all blocks. I haven’t tried Purge.

Hi Peter - in case it helps -

ExplodeBlocksToLayers.rhp (14.5 KB)

I think, if I remember right, this thing takes care of purging.


I unblocked that plugin, but v6 says it’s still blocked.

hmmm - what is the message, exactly?


Never you mind - that was with the beta, but now that I’ve installed the real v6 it installs fine.