Import SketchUp file bugs

Builds on or later than 7.11.21238.11001 will be better at converting SketchUp scenes to Rhino named views. Details on

Since you have been digging into SKP imports please see my earlier posts with unanswered suggestions.

Hi Ivan,

I’m willing to take a run at this. I need the simplest model that exhibits the problem because I still an not quite following what you mean. It should be something small enough that you can post directly to the forum. I’ll also want to attach it to a public YouTrack issue so nothing you’re not willing to share with everyone. I’ll post the YT issue here and those that wish to comment or follow the progress can see the YT issue.


i am going to create small model on sketchup online since i do not have desktop app

This is the YT issue. Please add comments there and anyone interested can look at that.

Sorry i somehow cannot log in into the issue tracker.

Please copy the stuff i post here over there.

So I created three boxes in sketchup. Every box is 6 faces which individually rest on default layer but they are grouped into a group (different groups than Rhinos) which in case they are enclosed create a solid (thats unimportant detail). The group is put onto a layer called “tag 1 2 etc”

This is the practice of modelling in Sketchup. All geometry resides on default layer. Geometry is then grouped into groups and subsequently the group is assigned to a specific layer.

In Rhino the practice is that you put the geometry right in the layers and Rhinos groups are just kind of selections sets, not an geometric object itself.

So in case of SKP import there should be an option that Rhino detects the groups and their layers and put all the geometry on correct layers according to the groups not the underlying geometry. Right now it puts all the geometry in default layer leaving all the other layers empty. Rhino groups stuff which was grouped in SKP but in Rhino as i mentioned arlier groups cannot be put into layer.

I hope this is clear.

Post from sketchup

When i hide layer in sketchup

After import to Rhino

It is now a complete mess there is some sublayer on which everything resides. It is strange.

Rhino seems not to support skp 2021 file …

After long time of using sketchup it seems that they have changed layer behaviour a bit. I dont see default layer in sketchup, they maybe made it invisible for some reason.

Untitled (3).skp (362.6 KB)

basically current behavior that all geometry from skp is put on default layer results in total loss of model organization after import. thats why i find it high priority in this regard (skp interoperability)

I updated the SDK version that we use to read skp recently. See The current release of Rhino will read files from earlier versions of SU2021 but not the latest. Rhino versions 7.11.21235.5001 or later will read the latest SU files. In the meantime, just save as an older version.

Hi Tim. I’m still having the same issue when importing version 2020 SKP-files generated by SketchUp 2021 to Rhinoceros 7 SR 9. Please se attached PDF for expected result and compare with the 3DM-files. For troubleshooting it might be worth noting that the imported results vary depending on the units of the Rhino-template and if you have selected Small or Large. In Scandinavia we use millimeter as base unit.

2xA4_7_Scenes_from_SketchUp_2021_saved_as_version_2020.pdf (192.8 KB)
Falkoner_Alle_Volume+Widgets_2019.skp (215.7 KB)
Falkoner_Alle_Volume+Widgets_2020.skp (212.3 KB)
Falkoner_Alle_Volume+Widgets_2021.skp (152.2 KB)
Imported_SU-2019_to_Rhino_Template_Small_in_centimeters.3dm (431.6 KB)
Imported_SU-2019_to_Rhino_Template_Small_in_meters.3dm (420.7 KB)
Imported_SU-2019_to_Rhino_Template_Small_in_millimeters.3dm (424.4 KB)
Imported_SU-2020_to_Rhino_Template_Large_in_centimeters.3dm (431.6 KB)
Imported_SU-2020_to_Rhino_Template_Large_in_meters.3dm (420.7 KB)
Imported_SU-2020_to_Rhino_Template_Large_in_millimeters.3dm (424.3 KB)

Hi Tim,

I took a look at the PDF but I don’t understand what it’s trying to represent. Maybe captions or a step by step set of instructions would be helpful.

Incidentally, any changes I’ve made recently in SKP import are in the latest version(s), 7.11.21235.5001 or newer. Version 7.9 for sure will not have them. Try updating to current and then if you’re still having issues let me know. A new thread might be good since the bulk of this thread had to do with material and cameras, not unit scaling.


I think a set of instructions with one model would definitely be helpful. Tell me what you think ought to be happening and isn’t. SU file units are internally inches, regardless of what you set the units too. So, even when you’re just opening a file, if the skp file units are not inches some scaling is happening. Maybe I’m doing something wrong with scaling on import.