Import SCN in Rhino?

Hello, I wrote you today because I have problems with my rhino 5.0. I can not open scn files, the source of this file (we do not know the software that was used to create them) and scn files I have on my pc are 3D models of a game, somebody he has a means to find or the name of the software that was used to create these .SCN or someone knows how to solve my problem? they tell me that there is an issue with a file that would NEModel.dll but I checked, he is not missing and I have all what it takes, they also say see if regsvr32 is not active, but I can not start because there is a command to do I think, I do not understand …
Anyway, I ask for your help because I am at an impasse for my research and unfortunately they do not succeed …
Thank you in advance
PS: sorry if the post was not very clear is google translation, I’m french …)

Generally game geometry files are not intended to be loaded into anything other than the game… you ever heard of copyright?

You should know that these are the developpers who put their own files for download, they gave us the beta in order to make private servers (although he should know how to code emulation) Anyway …
Everything I need is a constructive response … If someone could avoid throwing me like that …
Thank you in advance

Sorry if this came across harsh.

If someone put their 3D models online for download, I’d expect some information about the file format. Normally, you can get the files in several different formats.

If you know where the files come from and know the developers of the game, you should be able to contact them and ask about how to use their models. And you should at least know the game. (That part might have been lost in translation)

Browsing the compatible file formats of Rhino, you might have noticed, that the .scn files, Rhino can read are attributed as “NextEngine Scan” files. Googling will show that those are files from a 3D scanner.

NEModel.dll is a Solidworks DLL and has nothing to do with Rhino.

Generally, the .scn files Rhino and Solidworks can read are raw scan meshes. Those are pretty much unusable for games. That’s why I’d suspect that your files are proprietary game geometry files. Those files normally are not meant for editing.

Sooo… If you expect anyone to help you here, you need to provide some information about the files and their source. Maybe attach a sample.

Hi. This doesn’t apply specifically to SCN files but to other game image formats:

This free photoshop plugin from Nvidia allows editing of MipMaps, DDS files and Cube Environment maps. Michael VS

Thank you very much for your answer, I’m going to send you a sample of my scn. To see if you can do anything with … thank you in advance, thanks to you I realized that they had developed themselves software. This .scn extension that is unique to the game in question (S4 League)
I can not get in touch with the developpers because it is a Korean production … anyway thank you very much I’ll give you a folder with things inside. Thank you very much again!!JtlnGIrK!Qm6KXAQfto_MkOp_PKtfplQYdbwnNgIV746d405nzSE

I’m not sure where you “officially” downloaded original S4L models. All I can find is some guys hacking and ripping some models from the game…

I’m not trying to rip nor a “hacker” the game, I just want to register these 3D models … I lean over for several months now without success … But, thank you anyway. I think that my happiness lies elsewhere. thank you and good day anyway …