Import runner system


i would like to Import a runner System, instead of creating one in Rhino.
Is this possible? Is STEP the right format for this case?
Is it better to import the runner together with the part (mold) or divide them and im Import them seperately?
Question over questions :smile:
Im new in using Rhino and would be glad about a little bit of help.


Hi Heinz,

STEP files are a good start to import, It’s the format I start with when no 3DM is available.
As for your other questions, in what order and how the parts should be imported, It’s up to you. Just test it, there are so many factors at play, only you can best decide what you need.


So i dont have to seperate the runner from the part before i import it in Moldex? Thank you, i will try it as you said!