Import & render a foreign curved area

My problem is, that I created a area/form in the program Formfinder (1) and I can export it in .dwg or .dfx with diffent options of what I want to export. When I want to import it into Rhino I get different tippes of curves, a polygonnet and a surface I guess. The problem is I just need the form of this and want to render it in an animation.

1 Everything.dxf (148.7 KB)

Hi - when I import your dxf file here in Rhino 6, a mesh is also included - on the NET - TRIANGLES layer:

Thanky for your reply. What I need is just an plain white surface, which I can render and see in an animation. Any idea how this can be accomplished?

Hello - the mesh that comes in is not a surface but it will render - Weld at 90 degrees will make it render as a smooth ‘surface’ like thing. Is that what you need?