Import PDF with Japanese Characters Error

I am trying to import a PDF with Japanese characters in it. The file name is all in English, but some of the text in the file is in Japanese. When I drop it into Rhino it says “Error reading file C:\User… - - Bad Character.” How do I get Rhino to recognize or ignore the Japanese text? Do I need to install the Japanese version of Rhino?

Hmmm- good question, can you send us the file, via



I can’t share the file with you because it is a sensitive file. What I can say is that this is the first Japanese PDF to fail to import, but even with the ones that do successfully import the Japanese characters are converted to blank rectangular shapes. In general, would it be better to install all the languages for Rhino?

Hi Lawrence- is confidential, is that still out of bounds?


Unfortunately I still can’t share the file. However, I did find a way around this problem. I was able to open the file in Illustrator and save as an AI file. The Japanese is converted to curves, so there is no problem with interpretation.

On a side note: Does saving as a PDF compress vectors somehow? I’ve drawn plans in Rhino and exported as PDF and found that some of the curves become very distorted, especially closed curves like circles.

Hi Lawrence - I think this is more likely to happen if the circles are quite small, is that the case? AI does not have the precision of a CAD program, and I suspect this underlies this problem.


Yes, it usually occurs with smaller shapes. I guess PDFs are usually for viewing purposes and not for modeling.

Since this is an issue that should probably be fixed at the McNeel end, is there any way possible that you could strip the file down to the culprit text, or ask your source to send you a disclosable file that just includes some problem text?