Import Partial CSV File

Is there a way to use rhino scrpit, or python script to just import certain lines of a csv file. Meaning that the script specifies lines 2-10, then stops reading the csv. Thanks.

The ReadDelimitedFile method will read the entire csv file into an array. Then you can just iterate through the array looking for the records you want.

I suppose you could do something like the following, but I don’t know if it actually gets you anything…


import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

def TestReadLineNumbers():
    filepathname=rs.OpenFileName("CSV file to import", "Text Files (*.csv)|*.csv")
    if not filepathname: return
    start=rs.GetInteger("Start at line number",1,1)
    if start is None: return
    end=rs.GetInteger("End at line number",start,start)
    if end is None: return
    start-=1 ; end-=1
    for i,line in enumerate(file):
        if i<start: continue
        if i>end: break
    print line_list