Import Opennurbs

I’m converting my program to run in Rhinocommon for V6, I have a reference to Arrayint which is from Opennurbs, but I can’t find how to import it, do I need another reference file?


Found it, Never mind.

Alright, I cannot get past this Arrayint thing, someone helped me with this years ago, so hopefully this will be an easy transition. I would like this to run in RhinoCommon for V6. I have been chasing this for hours now. Any help?

 Public Function DisplayModesList() As RMA.Rhino.IRhinoCommand.result

        'Use the display attributes manager to build a list of display modes.
        'Note, these are copies of the originals...
        Dim attrs_list As New MDisplayAttrsMgrList()
        Dim attrs_count As Integer = MRhinoDisplayAttrsMgr.GetDisplayAttrsList(attrs_list)
        If (attrs_count = 0) Then Return IRhinoCommand.result.failure

        ' Construct an options picker so the user can pick which display mode they want modified
        Dim go As New MRhinoGetOption
        'go.SetCommandPrompt("Display mode to modify mesh thickness")

        Dim opt_list As New Arrayint(attrs_count)

        For i As Integer = 0 To attrs_count - 1
            ' Verify the display mode had a valid CDisplayPipelineAttributes pointer
            If (attrs_list(i).m_pAttrs Is Nothing) Then
                opt_list(i) = 0
                Continue For
            End If

            ' Get the display attributes English name
            Dim english_name As String = attrs_list(i).m_pAttrs.EnglishName()
            english_name = english_name.Replace("_", "")
            english_name = english_name.Replace(" ", "")
            english_name = english_name.Replace("-", "")
            english_name = english_name.Replace(",", "")
            english_name = english_name.Replace(".", "")

            'Add name to combobox

        Return IRhinoCommand.result.success

    End Function

Hi @donl517,

Does this sample help?

– Dale


I should be able to decipher what I need from this. I wish I would have just jumped to C#, most of your samples are C#, if I had only known!


Got it!

Thanks Again!